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Welcome to HEALINGSTREAMS! the Believers' WAP group that will restore your thirsty soul through prophetic messages and prayers.

Group Founder: festus36
Description: Healingstreams is the best Christian WAP group you should belong. Our aim is to see that every member is cared for and well furnished with God's word. Our objective is to furnish members and public with prophetic messages for the purpose of meeting every need and fulfilling destinies. Psalm107:20 will be fulfilled. Ezek.47 will be fulfilled and all will receive satisfying Healing streams of God's word. We will take one another's burdens as top priority. This is not only a WORD group, but a PRAYER one. Unity will be our concern. Please join and you will not regret it. Click on our links to enjoy exciting bible stuffs and free downloads from time to time. Welcome! For personal contact write: word.healing@yahoo.com. Group leader.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 109
Category: Religion & Beliefs > Christianity

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go Bible Last Letter Game [28] rider13
go LAWS OF THE HARVEST (0) festus36
go DONT BE DISCOURAGED (0) festus36
go QUOTES ON D NEW YEAR (5) festus36

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